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Palm Island concept
Palm Island Dredging Ship
Palm Island, Satalite Image - July 2003
Palm Island
Palm Island - Frond E


A tribute to the cherished date palm tree, The Palm Jumeirah offers the best in island living. Here you can own a spectacular home or vacation property, all with waterfronts, shops, restaurants and entertainment complexes on their doorstep.

The Concept The date palm tree has special local historical significance as a major source of food and is known in Arabic as 'bride of the orchard'. The shape contains excellent geometry to create maximum beach frontage. Its visual identity has already won the prestigious American Corporate Identity Award.

Building Blocks Quarry rocks weighing a total of 7 million metric tons have been brought in from sixteen different quarries throughout the United Arab Emirates.

The Start Dredgers have played a prominent role in building The Palm. Sand was first dropped into place and piled at a specific angle, ensuring it will hold its place.

Earth Works After the initial dumping of sand, dredgers brought the sand level to the surface with a process called 'rainbowing'. This literally sprays the sand into proper position.

Circling The World If all the materials used to build Palm Island were placed end to end, a wall two metres high and a half a metre thick would circle the world three times.

A View From Space Due to its immense scale and unique shape, The Palm Jumeirah is visible from space with the naked eye.

Divers Expert divers have examined each rock placement and geotextile tube underwater to ensure correct positioning.

Marine Life The Arabian Gulf is full of marine life. The Palm will help stimulate its development by adding nutrient rich materials. Residents and visitors will delight in snorkeling, scuba and diving in this rich resource.

The Palm Nursery Where do all the trees that the island will require come from? Over 12,000 palm trees will be grown on a nursery in nearby Jumeirah.

Workers Due to advanced planning and reliance on equipment, only 500 labourers working on around-the-clock shifts have been needed for the reclamation phase of the island.

Research & Planning Three years of planning, 42 consulting firms and over 50 studies have been commissioned to help ensure The Palm's feasibility, including traffic, population and business development

Housing Mix An extraordinary blend of residential retreats and holiday home, The Palm will house over 5,000 residents in 2,400 shoreline apartments and secluded villas. For visitors, The Palm offers 30 luxury hotels, theme parks, restaurants, retail, sports facilities, health spas and cinemas.

The Crown contains seventeen fronds. Each frond arches into the sea, forming secluded, private neighborhoods. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase the home of their dreams among a variety of sizes, designs and styles.

The Crescent surrounds the island and acts as a breakwater which is able to withstand a four-metre wave. It has been built first with sand, then with geotextile tubes filled with dredged material, small rocks and finally medium sized rocks above the waterline. 11.1 kilometers long, the Crescent will be an unforgettable vacation escape hosting a variety of boutique hotels, each with its own theme and signature features. In addition, hotels will offer world-class restaurants, which will be open to The Palm residents and the public.

Light Construction Home building has begun as residents choose from a variety housing types and styles.